Vietnamese Food: Chicken Noodle Soup & Sandwiches (aka Pho & Banh Mi) – Recipes for people who love to eat

This book will focus on two special Vietnamese foods: Chicken noodle soup and Sandwiches(aka Phở and Bánh Mì). This will be an interesting food adventure where you are going to learn about the origin of these two dishes, how to make them on your own, and some culture facts behind them. We believe that after reading this book, you will want to wear an apron and try to cook these two sumptuous delights right away.

Lam said that his mother told him a lot about Vietnam and Vietnamese culinary culture when he was a little boy. She said that when she was young and the Vietnam War was happening, having a bow of chicken noodle soup to eat was already a great happiness. After many years, she still regarded it to be the best dish she had ever tasted in her life. No other dishes could compare with it. Thus, when Lam first came in Hanoi, he immediately found a Vietnamese restaurant and tried the noodle. At that moment, he could understand somewhat of his mother’s words. Vietnamese cuisine, in particular, chicken noodle soup has an irresistible attraction that could not be found in other countries’ food around the world. In order to find the best recipe for this wonderful dish, Lam has resolved to discover it, even if he had to go to every corner of this country.

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